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Class of 1981



Hello Everyone!!

I wish to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of our alumni that sent me emails after the reunion. I still think we could have had a better turnout if more people had gotten involved and helped out a bit on locating our alumni. Overall it was alot of fun and a success. Although we barely broke even. If it had not been for a surprise financial donation from Charles Prock, we would not have broke even. But now we have only about $20.00 to start out the next reunion. This will make the task even greater. I do hope you all know that donations are always accepted so that it will not be such a hardship on the person organizeing the reunion. It takes alot of cash up front to get a reunion off the ground. Most people did not pay untill they got to the door..which makes things very difficult. Since firm numbers have already been turned into the hotel and catering way before the event takes place.

I do not know if I will be the one putting the next reunion together. It is alot of work. I will only do it if I get alot of volunteer's to help out. I also am looking for suggestions on where we might have our next reunion and a theme for it. I do think we need a change in location, so please email me and let me know what you think.

Okay is May 2007, 4 more years and we will be having another reunion. Although there are those that think we should do it yearly. That is fine..if there is help. We would not need to have such an elaborate event.

I hope to hear from you all soon.


Email Brenna

Pictures from Sheri Rossen(Yager) site


August 2006 Reunion. Pictured below, Starting left to right front row on floor Freddy Blakely & Chris Edward  2nd Row Sitting Sherri Childress-Adams,?,Linda McVennon(Suzette Danks),Brenda Burlesson-Speer,Mary Weiderholt,Paula Hackler-King,Charles Prock,Brenna Durkee,Mary Lou Hoey-Robinson, ?, Eddie Garcia, Sheri Yager-Rossen 3rd Row Steve Adams, Nelson Rodenmayer, Donna Elsass-Giebel,Jennifer Sanders-Gilmore, Steve Lovelace,Mark Liotta, Terri Riley-Bartels,Melissa Cristel, 4th Row Kevin Parquette, Ron Andoe, Steve Smith, Judy Freeman, Patty Hoyt-Koenig, Julie Kasar-Twilling, Angela Newkirk-Hollingshead,Kelli Robinson-Kirsch,Lee Lamho,Bobby Moore,Anne Harwell-Soluri 5th Row ?, Del Walker, ? Steve Coon, Warren Collier, ?, ?, Scot Cairns,Mitch Clark and Kim Hindman