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Our Products

This page is still under construction. New product photo's are coming soon. Please check back for updated photo's.
All mums are extra long. 36-40 inches long
The basic mum comes with 1 braid, 30-35 yards of ribbon streamers, 12-15 yards of standard curling ribbon,  white mum or mums, 1 color garland, 15-20 trinkets of your choice in school colors.
The deluxe mum comes with 2 braids, 40-50 yards of ribbon streamers, 20-25 yards of metallic curling ribbons,  white or color mums of your choice, 3 metallic garlands, 20-25 trinkets of your choice in school or metallic colors.
The senior mum is done in white and silver or white and gold. It has the same amount of items as the deluxe mum but all the silver or gold ribbons are done in metallic ribbons. All trinkets are silver or gold metallic.
To add teddy bears to any mum it will be an additional $10.00.
Thank you.


Single Deluxe Mum (trinkets have not been added to this mum)

Over The Shoulder Deluxe Senior Mum


Senior Heart Mum with Bear