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Best Homecoming


Welcome to Best Homecoming!!!
     We have been making homecoming mums in Texas for 10 years, this is our 3rd year to bring it online. We wanted to offer another option to fulfill your homecoming mum needs. There are alot of options online for your mum, but you have found the best option on the net. So please browse our site, look to see what we have to offer and contact us soon for the BEST HOMECOMING MUM in the DFW area.  This is an extreamly busy homecoming season, Please hurry and place your order so we will have plenty of time to custom make your mum to your specifications. The pictures I have posted are fairly basic mums. They can become quite elaborate. Just contact us and let us know what you would like. We are located in the HEB area. Centrally located between Dallas and Fort Worth.

With over 30 years of actual floral design experience on staff. We can offer you not only the usual silk mums but fresh football mums as well. We pride ourselves in creating a quality mum that you will be proud of. Ever thought of a fresh homecoming mum? Would you like to have the Best Homecoming mum at your school? At Best Homecoming we can make that one of a kind specialty mum designed just for you. You tell us what you want and we will make it to your specifications. Not sure about having a fresh homecoming mum? We will be glad to make your silk mum with the same high quality standards.


We want to hear from you.

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This is our Specialty. Fresh homecoming mums made to your specifications.

Over The Shoulder Senior Mum with 6  Fresh Mums. Deluxe versions available.

Brenna's Floral Affair