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Best Homecoming

Price List

Please when ordering your mum please be detailed and include your email address. I will send a invoice to your email address, so you will know the full price before your mum is personally constructed.Thank you. Brenna

All Mums are available with Fresh or Silk Mums
All Standard mums come with Ribbons in your school colors, 2 braids, curling ribbon, trinkets and 2 garlands. We use white mums, but if you would like a color mum just let us know. Names and extra lettering are included in the price. Mascots and large teddy bears are also available for an additional cost of $10.00. Small teddy bears are included in the price if you want it.

Single Standard Mum
Double Standard Mum
Triple Standard Mum
Single Deluxe Mum
Double Deluxe Mum
Triple Deluxe Mum
Heart Standard Mum
Heart Deluxe Mum
Over The Shoulder Standard Mum
Over The Shoulder Deluxe Mum
Standard Garter
Deluxe Garter

We can easily custom make mums for entire groups. Please just let us know.

Senior Mums please add $15.00
PeeWee mums are $10.00
Deluxe PeeWee are $20.00
Teacher,Alumni or reunion mums are $25.00
Garters can be made for marching bands as well.
Mum kits are also available, Please use our Inquiry form on the contact us page for any questions.

Homecoming Mum Order form